Interview with Gulf Weekly

"Writing music has become something incredibly personal to me and a lovely alternative to keeping a written journal"

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Gig review at Edinburgh Mela 2017 - The Scotsman

"Stand-out musicianship and vocal talent" 

"Edinburgh-based R&B singer Khalid Al Khajah and guitarist ­Daniel Abrahams had only each other for company on stage, but Al Khajah’s gorgeous soul voice deserves a few more listens on Soundcloud." 

Thanks to The Scotsman…


Body Talk - Live

Live performance of 'Body Talk', written by Khalid Al Khajah and Dan Abrahams. Thanks to Every Sole Productions for making the video!


'Open' - Review by We Plug Good Music

"Khalid Al Khajah has provided a taster of what he’s all about. The effort, overall, is very soulful with a very modern twist on it. You could daresay add that some of it is almost industrial in composition, the soundtrack…


'Open' - Review by The Skinny

"Written, produced and recorded entirely in his living room, Edinburgh-based Khalid al Khajah’s debut EP Open is a wonderfully soulful collection of songs with an extra intimate feel."

Thanks to The Skinny for reviewing my EP 'Open'. Check out their…