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Gig review at Edinburgh Mela 2017 - The Scotsman 

"Stand-out musicianship and vocal talent" 

"Edinburgh-based R&B singer Khalid Al Khajah and guitarist ­Daniel Abrahams had only each other for company on stage, but Al Khajah’s gorgeous soul voice deserves a few more listens on Soundcloud." 

Thanks to The Scotsman for their lovely review of my performance with guitarist Dan Abrahams at the Edinburgh Mela Festival 2017. Click here to check out the full article.

Body Talk - Live 

Live performance of 'Body Talk', written by Khalid Al Khajah and Dan Abrahams. Thanks to Every Sole Productions for making the video!

'Open' - Review by We Plug Good Music 

"Khalid Al Khajah has provided a taster of what he’s all about. The effort, overall, is very soulful with a very modern twist on it. You could daresay add that some of it is almost industrial in composition, the soundtrack to a cold, cold modern world."

Check out We Plug Good Music's review of 'Open' here!

'Open' - Review by The Skinny 

"Written, produced and recorded entirely in his living room, Edinburgh-based Khalid al Khajah’s debut EP Open is a wonderfully soulful collection of songs with an extra intimate feel."

Thanks to The Skinny for reviewing my EP 'Open'. Check out their review here!

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